Query Adalo collections from external services?

I know this feature doesn’t yet exist publicly but I understand there is an internal API for querying collections so it’s a matter of exposing it and making it accessible outside of the app.

Is there any kind of rough timeline for when this is expected? We’re in a bit of a bind with an application for a charity that was initially constructed entirely in Adalo. We then ported it to AirTable because we need to implement logic which requires that we have an external process periodically scanning all the records in a table and recruiting volunteers for unmet needs. We’ve bumped into limitations in making AirTable work with Adalo though and it’d be more ideal if we brought the data model back into Adalo assuming that it will soon be possible to query collections from outside the app. Any kind of timeline that could be shared on this feature would help us make the decision on how to proceed here. thanks

Likely not sooner than a couple months from now.

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Thx @Ben
In absence of that feature, any chance of getting a Zap trigger for “record update?” Right now it looks like it can only trigger on new records. Having an “on update” trigger would enable workarounds for the inability to query collections externally

Unfortunately we’ve got some other dev projects in progress that we need to finish before getting to this.

So in absence of either of these two things my understanding is the recommendation would be to split out the collections that need to be accessible by external services into something like AirTable and query them there. Is that the general consensus? We started dabbling with that option and it does seem straightforward with external collections.

Any opinions from others who have done this successfully? Would you straddle the data model across Adalo native & AirTable or port the entire thing to AirTable? Can see pros/cons of both… thx @Ben