External Collections & Get One


Im being suck to understand how to leverage the GET ONE service when I setup my external collection.

My usecase is pretty simple:
I have a list of external collection (get all)
when user click on one item of that list, he will be redirected to the next screen and I want to call the Get One service to get more information about that selected record and display it.


How can I achieve this ?

we are in the same situation, i do my api to return all data that i want to show in the get all but this approach may be heavy but I don’t know any better way, by default adalo try the get one method on click of the item so I would like to understand how to optimize

Please read my reply to this thread:

Hi @Flawless I am in the same boat, I think. I have a nice External Orders collection. I want to load only those orders, from the external collection, into a simple list that meet a value input by the user on a screen. Don’t want users seeing everyone’s orders.

I am using a Sheety API for a google sheet. I have no problem getting all the orders – so that works fine.
Any help or suggestions? If you suggest Custom ACTION, I did not find the documentation nor the video tutorial helpful - the examples were not relevant . My API is for private data not a public api.
Appreciate your assistance.

I’ve never used Sheety before. It appears that you can use “filter” as a query parameter with Sheety API

You can have a list of all orders from the sheet but filter out only ones that belong to the specific user’s via email address or however you have the user ID attached (record id, uuid, email, etc).

Thanks for responding @Flawless. I have looked at all of Sheety’s examples for filtering but what I want is to be able to filter based on a dynamic value that the user enters into a text box. A value that is also contained in the records of the external collection. I will chase down Sheety and see what they have to say. Thanks anyway. MJ

… more precisely, the value of the property would be a variable. Filter phoneNum = variable_phoneNum

How to show a variable in adalo.