Filtering external database with query parameter?

I’m using sheetdb as an external database.

I am at a quitting point trying to understand how to get my “horizontal list” to filter my “card list”. The query parameters don’t make any sense to me and I am open to any and all help.

A tutorial would help the best, video or screenshot.

Hi @kylehillian,

Check this out : Filtering API Lists - #4 by dilon_perera

If it still doesn’t works is it possible share a video about your setup and preview? ( You can use Loom )

Thank you

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Thank you so much @dilon_perera. That did help me solve part of my problem.

Now I’m facing some confusion making my different list connect.

The both lists connected to the same collection? Can you send some screenshots of that sheet?

Yes sir, both list are connected, this is what my sheet/collection currently looks like.

Once again, THANK YOU for helping me with this.

You can add a input component on this screen and make it smaller and make it transparent so users don’t see it and name it with a good name for search it easily and then you can add a Change Input value action ( you can find it in the More section once you tried to add a action ) on the horizontal chip list ( the top list ) and then for the input in the action you can select that added input from magic text that you can find from Other components section and for the value you can add current thrift > type of thrift store from magic text.

And in your card list ( the list that is after the horizontal list ) you can add the filter and add that input for the value in the query!

If you can’t figure it out you can send the URL of a copy of that spreadsheet, this sheet only with that information and I’ll make a video tomorrow and will send it here!

Here as a link to my google doc, the sheets video you linked had great information, but I was am still missing something I just dont know what in oder to follow the steps to completion. I know I’m getting closer I just dont know what I am missing. Thank you again.

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Thanks for sharing the Spreadsheet! Check this video : Filter Sheets - Type of Thrifts.mp4 - Google Drive

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Man THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would not have been able to do this without you. :pray:

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Awesome Dude! Good Luck!