External Data Bases


I was wondering is there any External Data Bases that can handle 200k+ data. As soon as app would be made there would be 200k products in database. Wondering would adalo handle that much data and still be functional

I’ve never tested that many entries into a collection with Adalo, but based on what I have tested up to and feedback from other users, no, Adalo would likely fail at that height.

As for alternative options, again, I haven’t the need for that much data, so I can’t really speak to a better alternative, but I have seen some suggest Xano; might be worth looking at.

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My user database has 12k people / entries that I added and adalo no longer connects / fetches records and I have had a support ticket open since the middle of the week, and they don’t work on weekends.

At this point, I don’t think they can handle even moderate data.

It’s very convenient that whoever they have that is a ‘big client that has hundreds of thousands of users’ is a secret client.

Be very careful.

The worst thing there is 200k product that clients wants to add to data base when app is created. On top of that there is all user data. I know Adalo can’t handle, but I was wondering if maybe external data bases would do the work

I guess you can use Xano :

But I believe Adalo can handle this too! You can Submit a Support Ticket to talk about this with them and get a plan for your app!

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Xano can