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Hello, I have a query, we are making a reservation app that will have several services with several photos, reservations, and users, we have 80 services that can be available days (imagine 80 * 30 days are 2400 actions in the database).

What do you recommend? store outside? store in adalo? I AM NEW with this of the external apis, everything I do inside adalo

Hi Santiago,

What I recommend is sticking to the Adalo database, you’re already paying for it. Also, remember that for external collections it requires complex filtering (it gets easier when you do it alot) to filter your data, Adalo makes it so easy.

Also, check out some advice from a developer:

Here’s some videos to help you get started on API’s & external collections. (if you’re going to do it)

Custom Actions:

External Collections:

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Thank you very much for the answer, yes I always use Adalo’s, I have everything stored there in all the apps, but since this app I think I will have to save more information such as photos, users, dates, etc. I wanted to see what to do! I will continue with ADALO’s

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