External link to Telegram

Found very strange thing, that I can’t explain and research on this topic is also.

I love magic text in Adalo, and one useful case for them to combine data with predefined text to make personified external URLs.

Best example is combine Whatsapp’s click to chat(https://wa.me/1XXXXXXXXXX)

And overall links to chats groups etc. is smooth, and feels very native, as users familiar with them. And adalo don’t have a great solution for chatting.

But very strange thing happened, I wanted to make button redirecting to Telegram group via Telegram’s original invite link (t.me/+5XWmMxcM)

But when I redirected from Adalo I get this error (there is no telegram account with this username) over and over with any link and settings

In every other platforms, whatsapp message with this link, clicking this link, and even using this link exactly with the same intention, as a click to button on other nocode platform, everywhere it works.

I googled this problem, and most common problem is Telegrams block for some countries.
But surely it is not my case, because it works in every other scenarios except with Adalo. So there is no explanation.

I found workaround though. Just shortened link via bitly and now everything works like it should.
But is still wonders me, and I want to inform other Adoloscent people, and surely I want to get some response from Adalo or people who dealt with this.

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