External link is not working?

Hello everyone!
I added an action to a button to open an external link. When I open the link from the app, Adalo is changing the link and is not opening the corect link.

Corect link: https://xpxu-ulwx-tqxv.n7.xano.io/api:WOz6p2uN/guests_res_id/11
Adalo open this: https://xpxu-ulwx-tqxv.n7.xano.io/api%3AWOz6p2uN/guests_res_id/11

I submitted a ticket but Adalo support team don’t have a solution for this

I’m not sure how to fix, ticket is probably best, but as a temporary solution you could use something like Tiny Url to cloak the link. https://tinyurl.com/

I can’t use Tiny URL because I will use a “Magic text” to put the number at the URL finish (It is an ID based on user account) and I don’t think it is working with Tiny URL.

But thank you for your suggestion

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