External Tools to help Build & Maintain Adalo App?

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What tools do Adalo power users, community leaders & agency developers use to build and maintain adalo app? I’m asking about design, database schema (design / generate), requirements documentation, actions, data-flow across screens, versioning, user story checklist, rights and permissions, roadmap, API management, etc. every aspect that goes into building an app.

Rich ecosystem of tools for normal ‘with code’ apps obvisouly, like JIRA, Figma, Miro, Lucidchart, etc. Looking for suggestions for Adalo if any.


Hi @newbie_maker,
I use:

  • FIGMA to build my designs and wireframes
  • MIRO to build by process flows/Diagrams and actions for each screen and the bringing the design made in FIGMA
  • MIRO to create the KANBAN for the tasks and and App development
  • NOTION For writting the ideas and Projects ongoing and all the features I want to develop, before refining them and creating the user stories in Miro.
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Check out this App Academy Course!

Myself my key thing I work with is a spec sheet:

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Thanks @barrettnash and @JL_LJ :+1: !
I didn’t know Adalo had a course on it already :grin:

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There are lots of cool courses! Though I did coordinate a few of them so I’m for sure biased. Check out @axme course, it’s coooooooool

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