🏛️ Q2 Town Hall coming soon... what questions do you want answered?

@DaBoo I may be wrong, but this question looks rhetorical (to me)
It reads like a feature request, NOT a Town Hall type of question.

@DaBoo :

@Toddy Well, gee-whiz, I put a square peg in a round hole. How naughty of me!

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Brilliant! Yet again you saved my bacon @dilon_perera

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Hey! Let me add a question for myself!

Is there any plan to have more information visualized on screens inside the Adalo App Editor? I imagine something like having each Adalo screen as a part of a larger block where there could be comments, visual data on screen information that is hidden, etc. Think like a mini dashboard for every screen.


Okay, I am submitting these questions, I hope to back at y’all over the next week or so with answers. Feel free to PM me if any urgent questions come to mind.

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Question mainly about new pricing -

Question 1) Actions for UI v Performance
I understand the blog post and the logic explained. However, currently there are ‘actions’ that are part of User Flow because of Adalo’s performance limitation.

A simplified exanple which I can talk about - one of our apps launched in Nov 21 is a closed group networking app for professionals. Individual Users own multiple businesses, and businesses can have multiple individual users as partners. Businesses have multiple products/services that they offer.

Three key tables are 1) Users, 2) Businesses, 3) Product/Services List.
Relationships are 1) Users : Business = m : m, 2) Businesses : PSL = 1 : m.

We tried to create a ‘Business Profile’ screens which would have complete details of that business, and two related filtered lists - List of Partner Users and List of PSLs. Apps became so slow that details page took close to 15 seconds to load in Android. Before anyone counters about large table sizes - we have <250 users, <300 businesses and <300 PSL records.

Ideal Screen UI

We had to create a button to navigate the user away to a different screen to show the two lists separately. We also couldn’t show the ‘count’ of PSL records related to the business on ‘Business Profile’ page - again, the count calculation was taking too long. Not Loading multiple lists on the same screen improved performance drastically.

Modified UI/UX

Under new pricing plan, clicking on action button would be a priced ‘action’. These are unnecessary ‘actions’ on the app to be paid by us as Adalo Subscriber, which are implemented only because of Adalo’s own performance limitations.

We’re away from US, in Asia. So there is a performance difference. We have multiple such published apps were we are forcing our users to make extra clicks in every module for the sake of improved performance. We want to design a UI and user flow which is great user experience for our users, but this way we’re getting hit in terms of poor user experience and in future in Adalo pricing as well.

How do we as app creators justify and balance this new pricing without improved performance outside USA?

Question 2) Shared DB apps
I am guessing most of the adalo subscribers would have apps with at least 2 user types - one of app owner (super-admin) and one for users. How are these shared database apps going to be priced? Not only from ‘actions’ pricing point-of-view, but Total cost.
EG If an app is a multi-tenant SaaS, each sub-domain for each ‘user type’ would have to be ‘published’ and paid for separately? Are shared database apps counted as ONE app across all copies, or each one will have its own billing, so we can shut down as needed without others getting affected?

Questions 3 and 4 are related to this document.

Question 3) Publishing, and Publishing Costs for PWA vs Web Apps
What is the definition of ‘publishing’ an app per Adalo? Because by default there is a ‘previewer.adalo.com/…’ link generated for every new app.
Are PWA Mobile & Web apps going to be differentiated, or differently priced, especially on custom sub-domains?
What is the current $ number on Adalo’s fees for ‘publishing’ an app even as PWA on a custom sub-domain? Are we going to be charged for adding custom sub-domain but not for modifying ‘previewer.adalo.com/…’?

Question 4) Editor Entries
What are the costs if CRUD operations are done directly in the editor? EG a new table is created, records added, updated, relationships across different collections are created then removed, and entire tables are then deleted, in the process of creating an iterating through app versions.
Any of these are considered as ‘actions’? Or any CRUD operations in Editor and Previewer will not be counted towards app actions? Will there be a difference in action counts for web apps and mobile apps?

Question 5) Non-pricing related
What are future plans for building Web Apps as Web Apps, and for creating responsive design / components friendly for Web Apps?


I’ve been wanting this as well!! A way to document the “no-code” so other people can understand how the thing is built! (and to remind myself how it’s done when I come back to change it)

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  1. Question: If you have users in Africa , don’t you consider providing us with a payment gate way ,

Because Stripe does not support African countries, I’m suggesting paystack payment gate way for Africans

  1. Would adalo provide us a multiple payment gates and an ecommece module , to make it easy for users to create a market place or sell products online just like woocommerce
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Got it!

Do we have any update on the subdomain ssl certificate. Every time I or someone visit my subdomain it keeps saying not secure and we have to click advance anyway.

@Donye did you tried refreshing you SSL certificate? : WebApp on custom domain - website not secure - - #5 by axme

@dilon_perera well my website is not a custom domain it’s the one that is provided by adalo when you create an app. I don’t have a separate website built anywhere else .

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Apologies if it’s already been asked here, but are there any plans to add sorting options to the list of Collections in the editor? Folders would be phenomenal, but at the very least, alphabetical sorting with perhaps a search bar.

It seems my Collections are just randomly sorted, with absolutely no particular order. At bare minimum, if they’d just stay in the order they’re created that would be a huge time saver, but as it stands, I spend unnecessary time trying to find a Collection that could be spent elsewhere.

Drag and drop sorting would be extra beneficial also. But as noted, pretty much anything would be better than nothing, which is what we have now.

I believe this request has been floated before, to which there was never given a concrete answer if this would be looked into, let alone implemented, and from a developer standpoint with apps having ungodly amounts of Collections, quick sorting is a must.

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Mind sharing your domain (provided Adalo) so we can see what happens on our end, to at least narrow down where the issue may be occurring? To note, I am not experiencing that issue with any of my Adalo-generated domains, so it would be interesting to see what happens when I visit yours.

Also here is what I am seeing when I click certificate information.
I did not know that the certificate expires but can someone confirm this or not

Yeah, you’ve definitely got an expired certificate (expired in March, it looks like), which shouldn’t be the case and is an issue on Adalo’s side; guessing they need to renew their LetsEncrypt certs.

And I apologize, I was thinking of a different link issued by Adalo; I do have a custom domain, so I haven’t checked an Adalo sub-domain to see if the issue persists on my side.

Do you have a paid plan with Adalo and just using their sub domain since you don’t own a domain? Or is that on a free plan? I may be able to help troubleshoot from my end but the best avenue of the issue is on Adalo’s side would be ti contact their support directly.

I am paying $50 per month for the pro plan

And yes, LetsEncrypt (which is free) SSL certs expire on a rather frequent rotating basis (3-6 months, I believe). But can be set to auto renew by the DNS admin. Either Adalo didn’t set a renewal for some reason, or you got issued an old cert somehow.

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