External User Collection Beta

I have been attempting to complete the external database and user authentication connection using Xano and Adalo. I have followed everything in the this video tutorial series: External Users Beta Tutorial - YouTube

However, when asked to select ‘Which output is the user ID?’, I am not able to select userid as an output as the videos describe. If I were to leave it as authtoken what would the implications of this be?

My Xano response does generate both an authtoken and userid as a response however, it is not being picked on the Adalo side.

Please see screenshot below for more detail.

Unfortunately you’ll have to restart the setup to get userid and authToken.

The external collections is still in beta and runs into such issues on and off.

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Thank you @bhanu, it was just as you suggested a beta bug, restarting the external collection process helped.

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How restarting the setup is done. I tried deleting everything and saving it again, but it didn’t work

I faced the same issue while ago and restarting works! What I did was reloaded the editor and then deleted all information and added again and then it worked!

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I refreshed many times, deleted and saved everything as empty, still no result…

Please write to support and see if they can help. As mentioned in earlier comment, the external collections is still in beta, so there’s a chance that it might not work. Thanks :pray:t2:

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Are you using Xano? You don’t get the user id only?

No, private backend, everything is returned correctly, but the response options are not well displayed in adalo…