Xano External Collection Bad Request

I am using Xano as my external database for my Adalo app. I created an endpoint that takes the user id as an input and returns only that users entries in the table.

  • Manually debugging in Xano works successfully
  • If I hardcode the user id into the query parameter when setting up the external collection, it works.
  • BUT if I use the magic text to pull the user id when setting up the external collection, Adalo sends a bad request to Xano with allllllllllll sort of information in JSON, instead of just the user id.

Anyone else run into this issue?

Yes I’ve encountered this- seems a bit of an issue. I didn’t solve it but instead just used Auth ID instead as the input. So if it’s a user authenticated (you send the user auth token in the header), you can then use auth-id when building your Xano query.

Thanks for the reply!

So I ended up figuring out a workaround: I created an external collection, using the same endpoint and manually configuring it and it works consistently.

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