Meta/Google Ads Tracking and Adalo Apps

It is becoming increasingly important for all app owners to be able to track their marketing funnel and see where conversion drops within their apps. Although mixpanel provides some insights, its hard to really use it for conversion tracking. Let alone have it give back this data to Facebook/Instagram/Google for Ad optimization, conversion values, etc.

Anyone here had success in implementing Facebook or Firebase SDK to be able to fully track this?

Hi @Mohammed,
I’ve implemented several marketing components; one of them is Facebook in-app events; you can install them from Adalo Component Marketplace. It is a complicated configuration, but used by several clients. Let me know if you face configuration issues, and I’ll guide you.

Also, I’ve implemented AppsFlyer in-app events. Currently, we’re testing it with the first client; soon, it will be available to install as well.

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That is great news! I will check it out now, any chance you’ve made one for Google Ads? That would be a critical component for us really.

If it does not exist, can it be custom made?


Let me check Google Ads SDK, I’ll back with my thought

Hi Mohammed, from what I see it will be possible to develop custom component for Google Mobile Ads for Android and iOS. Ping me in DM if you interested and we can discuss details.

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