Facebook live stream component (i built it)

Hi guys,

Just checking if anyone else would find a Facebook video and Facebook LIVE video component useful?

I have just built it and it’s working a TREAT!


Sounds great! :mechanical_arm:

I would use it although not yet. I have a simple social media feed in my app which incorporates basic posts from my Facebook feed. Down the line, I’d like to expand on that to live stuff- but at the moment just trying to get the basics sorted and then build a userbase.

Good job though!

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Awesome stuff Hugh! Give us a demo video of it!

I really need it man !!

Sounds Amazing, I would definitely use it.

Sounds awesome. I’d be interested in seeing a demo.

Hey! Sounds great. Could you share a demo? Thanks so much!

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so… uhhh… is it available?

@hughmcampbell congrats! How can i do the same thing? Interested on bringing videos

I want to show live streams from the church on my app how do i do this

Is it in the marketplace??