Failed to publish adalo application

Good afternoon,

I ask for your kind collaboration, I have problems publishing my application in the app store, in adalo it looks perfectly, but when I publish it it loses all its visual configurations, the forms are mounted one on top of the other, the letters do not compile well.
I would like to have the help of someone who has passed this same issue on to him

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Without posting screenshot examples and showing how the elements are all lined up in your app, it’s hard to identify the problem.

I know that I’ve experienced text not rendering correctly when boxes are overlapping each other, even when the text itself doesn’t reach the overlapping area.


I just uploaded the images, that happens when I publish it in the play store, the forms look bad, they lose all visual form.

When I look at it in adalo as a demo it doesn’t show any of these visual glitches, please help

Hi Jairo,

I would submit a support ticket.

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