Adalo displays layout bug

Hi there,

Thanks for an awesome product. I have been doing great until previous week, when the layout of which screen has gone crazy. Every display has elements (app bar, lists, text, buttons – everything that is wide enough) getting out of the layout. It makes working impossible.

I tried logging out, refreshing, clearing cache, different browser – nothing worked. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance.


Is it on the editor or on your mobile phone?

  • the second question, is your app published on stores or its just a preview?


  1. editor
  2. not published, this is how I see stuff in the workspace, please check this screenshot

All the buttons are misplaced as well.


Hi @emilliepost, I have a suspicion that this may have been a result of our server outages last week where saves were not being made in the editor. When the queue of saves finally caught up, it could result in duplicate saves in some instances.

I’m sorry for the frustration that this has caused and I hope you can get it back to normal. If not, please reach out and we will see if there are any further steps we can take to help out.

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