Failing to set up a very simple selection list

Hi experts,
probably my issue is too simple to be true but I’m close to desperation.
I have a list of topics I want to rate by a standard rating. Imagine you had an excel table with topics listed in column A in rows. In column B you want to select for every row from a dropdown rating a, b or c. The info shall be stored with the logged in user.
So: User A ist logged in an has three topics to add a rating to. A result could be
User A → Topic 1 → Rating A
User A → Topic 2 → Rating A
User A → Topic 3 → Rating C

Every logged in user has the same topics with individual ratings. A topic can only have one rating per user but can have a different rating for another user.
Meaning: Topics have many (all) users, users have many (all) topics. Topics can have only one rating per user (but different per user), ratings apply to all topics.

I fail by any possible means: My database seems to be wrong and I don’t manage to build a list with dropdowns.
Can somebody please help me out?

Hi @MarcoG,

I’d look at the direction of building a separate table for ratings (call it Rated Topics) and avoid many-to-many relationships.

This table could have:

  • Rating ID - just some unique number
  • Relation to User (so that one User can have many Rated Topics, but each record in Rated Topics belongs only to one user)
  • Relation to Topic (so that one Topic can have many Rated Topics, but each record in Rated Topics belongs only to one topic)
  • Rating itself. If you’d like to have a dropdown - make it a relation to Rating Marks (where you store the possible values for rating). One Rated Topic can have only one Rating Mark.

With this you will have a unique record for each time when a certain user rates certain topic.


Hi Victor,
thanks a lot for trying to help me, appreciate it very much. Is there a step-by-step instruction somewhere? I feel I tried so many ways (including this one most likely) … and failed every time.
If there’s an instruction I’d really appreciate to find a hint including the component to use to build the final usable page.
Thanks again and best regards, Marco

Hi @MarcoG,

Correct? :eyes:

Thank you