Rating System Database Help

I am trying to create an app where every user can review other users based on 5 different categories. Each person can rate another person and comment once per category. So I can rate you and comment on you five times, once per category. I am stuck on how to setup the database here and I had a response before from someone trying to help but it was confusing.

Create a separate collection with properties like →

  • Text (Comment)
  • Number (No. of stars)
  • Submitted By (1 to Many relationship with users collection)
  • Submitting for which user (1 to Many relationship with users collection)
  • Category (1 to Many replationship with category collection)

I see no way to create relationships by specific property. I only see you can create relationships from collection to collection. So I am not sure why he wrote it like this.

Also is he implying I need a category collection in addition to a review collection?

If someone could help me with the database setup and relationships I would much appreciate it.

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