Favorite a page - keep getting "no available data"

Hey all
I’m building an educational app where users navigate a tree list and the leaf page is built dynamically based on choices made along the way.
Imagine an Home Page that has guitar brands, e.g. Gibson, Fender, etc.
Once you’ve chosen one, it gets you to a page “Guitar Type”, and then another one with color, etc. The article page contains a card showing text and images based on prior choices.

The structure and filtering works well and I can display the breadcrumb, e.g
“You are in Gibson/Electric Guitars/HoneyBurst”

Now I’d like to create a bookmark for the user to retrieve this article page they were reading, to fast track the navigation.

I’ve followed the “Favorite” tutorial setting up the db relationship but the toggle doesn’t pick up the data, saying “Nothing available” when customizing what the toggle does. There’s some concept missing in my head, I looked at all the videos but it didn’t dawn on me. Tried also a test app with very simple, static 2-level tree and the result is the same.

Appreciate any suggestion!


I actually found that setting the db relationship as Many-to-Many resolves the “no available data” problem.
The tutorial has that wrong, it’d be nice if it can be updated.

Now off to building a page listing the favorites and navigating back to it. Fingers crossed!


Thanks a lot! I was stuck with the same issue today