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I’m trying to follow the tutorial for how to create a favorites list. I must have done something wrong, because when a user clicks the toggle in the list, it doesn’t add anything to their favorites list, probably because I can’t link the toggle to anything because it says Nothing Available.

Here’s what I did:

I have a database of music groups. I created a page that has a list that features all of those music groups. The list has an image on the left, the name of the artist or group in the middle, and the heart toggle on the right.

I created another database called “Favorite Groups”. I set a relationship of many to many between Favorite Groups and Users.

I went to make the toggle add the group to the Favorite Groups database, but when I go to What does this toggle? it says Nothing Available. I’m guessing this is because the list is linked to the Music Groups database.

I even tried adding a relationship between Music Groups and Favorite Groups as well as a relationship between Music Groups and Users, but although the heart will change, it does not update the Favorite Groups database or the page with a list I created to show a logged-in user’s favorites. Once I did that, the only options for the toggle were “Current Music Group > Users > Includes logged in user?” and “Logged In User > Music Groups > Includes current music group?”

There is no option to set the toggle to update the Favorite Groups database.

Watch this tutorial video that I created for the continuous audio player but start the video at 4:30: How to create a continuous audio player in Adalo (step by step) - YouTube

At that point in the video, I show you how to create this functionality.

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I’m sorry for interfering!

Mario already answered! Just for information :slightly_smiling_face:

Or you can add this option to the toggle.

To see the favorite music groups add another list and connect it to the same collection ( Music Groups ) and add the filter from All Music Groups to Logged in user>Music Groups.

Thank you

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