Like posts issue

Hi, I’m having an issue with toggle action for liking a post and adding it to the favorites screen. I followed the video tutorials but I’m stuck because the toggle action doesn’t show the option for Logged in Users > Favorites (it only shows membership status option which is irrelevant), as you can see in the video attached. I have already setup the many to many relationship in the database but it doesn’t show up. Could you please guide me?

Here’s the video.

Have you followed Adalo’s guide?

That guide works perfectly.

After watching your video: Please make sure that where you have the toggle, that is within a list. That was not seen in your video, please make sure it it

I followed the guide and did everything multiple times but still toggle action link to favorite post doesn’t show up. I also tried to add the toggle within a list but the problem is the list only has the option to add an icon and when I add toggle from outside, it doesn’t get directly connected to the list even though it shows up on the screen.

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