Favourite list from multiple collections?

Hiya guys, is it possible to create a favourite list from multiple collections?

Scenario, I have 3 different collections, one for Articles, Workouts, Meals. I can easily create 3 lists but I don’t see this being intuitive for the end user, is there a way to merge these favourites together?

I tried creating a ‘Favorites’ collection to see if I can create a many/many relationship to see if I can dump one item from each, but that failed :smiley: Any ideas would be awesome!


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Use 3 custom lists snapped together. If you design it right should look like all one list.

Hmm sounds interesting, so snapped end to end? They won’t integrate with each other this way yah? like say

Articles > Meals > Workouts > Meals

Sorry should also mention I’m using a Horizontal list

I don’t think it will really work with a horizontal list unfortunately. It won’t look good. I was thinking custom list snapped top to bottom.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking… hmm the only other way I can think of is to create a giant collection with ALOT of properties… wonder how well that would behave performance wise?

This presents another problem tho, the detail page will have to look identical, which won’t work based on the specialized content? Unless I overlay layouts that only become visible if a tag is true? :thinking:

Yeah if you had a super collection, you can use visibilities to only show the relevant items. It may impact performance a bit though - just having more properties in the collection, and also all the visiblities for list items. Hard to say the extent of the performance impact, but as the app scales and has many records it might be problematic.

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