Combine at least 2 collections in a list / scrolling feed

Is it possible to create a list that has two cells (or multiple) and it pulls from separate collections…

So like a feed on facebook/ insta has alternating elements

  1. picture from you past - hint
  2. ad
  3. picture from friends update
  4. page update
  5. ad

    and so on…
    but it keeps jumbling them up… (random)
    How would I achieve this ? Without building the longest app page ever…

When I want each section to be from different collections
and I also want to add ads into it


You can add the layout you’d like manually and them group them and make them a list, they will appear in the order you’d like them to appear and give them the right link with the DB

Does that mean they will continue to repeat the order 1,2,3,4?
A list within a list?

Not a list within a list, it’s a list with fixed roles

and yes they will repeat that order

thank you

If you need any further assistance i can show you in a video

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