🎤 Feedback Friday! 1/28/2022

What did you ship this week? What are you working on? Let the community give you feedback. It makes us all better!

  • Published my app for the first time on the App Store for TestFlight. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Got more feedback from testers on great improvement ideas for the app.
  • Decided that I will definitely need to have a desktop web app in parallel to the mobile apps.
  • Making good progress on finding co-founders to join the adventure.

What is your monetization strategy?

I’ll figure that out when the time comes :smiley:

For now, I need to focus on getting the app working as expected on iOS, get more people to test it, and gather more feedback.

Of course, I do have some ideas on how to monetise the app when the time comes. :wink:

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