🎤 Feedback Friday! 1/14/2022

What did you ship this week? What are you working on? Let the community give you feedback. It makes us all better!

I shipped achievements and improved on user speed this week.

I’m building challenges next, and thinking of ways how users can enter them with their points.

  • Commit X points
  • Spend X to enter
  • Collect X to enter, etc.

I love watching your progress. How has the launch been so far? What are you struggling with the most?

Launch has been going great. About to crack 300 downloads on iOS. I’m maintaining a 4% conversation rate since launch which I know is :fire:

I’m still planning my next phase (challenges). Probably start practicing tonight. My struggles are learning Adalo’s little tricks. I’m noticing when I build something, it could of been done in 40 lesser steps. lol.


Hi, the last few days I was busy on some clients apps from Fiverr, but in the spare time, I brought Car Collector Game back to life with some friends. Do you remember it? It was slow and uncompleted

Now we are preparing a reworked version of the game, with a lot of new features and attention to keep speed great.
It’s like a RPG/Strategic game where you can buy, trade and upgrade cars, with the scope to collect them all! Now, Adalo is not the best for building games I know, but for this specific case is perfect as it is like a Text RPG style based game.
Here the selection of the Driver when the users sign up.

Each colour has its own positive/negatives points.
I will update the post on the right topic and share the app when ready enough


Wow! That is super interesting. How’d you come up with that idea?

This idea come from passion for cars, trading games and NoCode!
It was a very old project of me and some friends who always played this kind of mobile games.
If you search Car Collector Game on Google you will see there are already started projects, but no one brought to life.