🎤 Feedback Friday!

I’m starting a new initiative every Friday called Feedback Friday. I want you to share what you’ve been working on, some things you’ve shipped, or just anything in general that you want feedback on. At Adalo, we have a feedback meeting every Tuesday. We present to all the staff and then we take a moment to give feedback on the topic that was presented. I love it because feedback is a gift and it only makes us better.

So, what did you ship this week? Or, what are you working on? Let the community give you feedback.


One of the things I am working on is potentially improving the design of the forum. Do you like how the forum looks? Or do you think it needs an update? What about the forum do you like (in regard to function and design)? What parts of the forum do you dislike (in regard to function and design)?

Some forums built on Discourse that I like are:


The Figma one is visually appealing…


Maybe also look at Glide’s forum. I think the completed redesigned there’s a week ago.