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Hey guys, so I already created the chat system for my app, however, I can’t create a file sharing through chat. I was able to create the picture share but I cannot send files. Any tips? :relieved::pray:t3:

Not sure I understand the question.

Are you wanting the function that would allow users to send other users files through chat?

Hello Colin, yes sorry if I didn’t express my question right. But yes, that’s exactly right what I’m trying to do. How do the user send files through chat to another user?

What types of files do you want to be shared

The files that I want to try to send are PDF’s files.

I don’t think it’s currently available in adalo

Ohh I see, well thank you!

Hi @Shadow,

My apologies for interfering, but what exact problems did you face when trying to implement file sharing?
There is a “File picker” component, which allows you to upload files (no filters there, but still). Also there exists the property of type “File”, which allows you to add files to the collection (and if then you can also link them to users with users’ relationship).
Here is the tutorial about adding images to the chat, please see:

I did a quick test in my app for experiments - can easily create the list of files for the user (and even not allowing them to upload files without “pdf” in name).

So what went wrong? I’m very curious as I’d like to understand the limitations in this field :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experience!


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Just to be clear, this type of functionality is absolutely possible in Adalo as Victor mentions above too.

I’m unable to go through the requirements here step by step but you may consider hiring an Adalo expert for an hour to coach you on this and help you through the process. @Victor is a listed Adalo expert who I am sure can help you here.


Thank you very much Colin! I appreciate the time you took to help me out.

Hello Victor,

  There’s no need to apologize, I appreciate your time and your help. Now, I’ll try my best to explain the problem. The same process I learned to implement Images to the Char, I tried doing the same process with Files. I added a new Property called “Files” under the collection of “Messages”, however when I test it out, I chose the File, it appears the name but I cannot open it. I hope you were able to understand. Once again I really appreciate your time and effort. 

with Respect,

Hi @Shadow,

Just to understand the problem: do you mean, that you can upload the file in the chat, but later you can’t download it?
May be you could make a short video explaining the problem?

Best regards, Victor.

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