Sending Image on the Chat

I made a chat with the option of sending Image, same as the tutorial. The problem is that when I use the Image picker and submit it, and then press the send button, the image doesn’t appear on the chat. Also not in the database. In fact just one time the picture appeared and not anymore.
Does any one can help me with this issue?

Hi @Anderssonaya,

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Is it possible to add a video showing your setup or maybe a clonable app? This would be easier for help you!

Thank you

Thank you for your reply. Here is the video that I took. I uploaded on Youtube

I would be appreciated if you tell me what is wrong

Thanks for the video!

Just tried it and faced the same issue!

I think it’s a bug because previously after uploading the image and close and again open that screen the uploaded image is still there but now after closing and opening back the image is cleared. You can Submit a support ticket.

You can do this like this : Ultimate guide on how to create a CHAT feature in Adalo (Text, Images, Chatrooms, like WhatsApp) - YouTube

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