Filter data with Custom Action to using User ID

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I would like to ask for your opinion about filtering in API.

My app allows users to download there input data via email in CSV format. So I created a custom action that connected to, as shown in the screenshot below.

This is how my scenario works, which is working fine.

My Question: Can I filter the data on Adalo side, I would like Adalo to send the data back to for just 400 collections instead of 10,000 collections.

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Yes you can filter the Adalo Collections API.
I don’t think it made it into the Adalo Documentation yet.

Filter Collections API

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Thanks Rozza, I will post how I solved the problem below.

Hi All,

This is my workaround for this case.

  1. Watching Victor’s vdo from this link
    Adalo + Make: how to use new Adalo API filtering in Make scenarios

  2. Setup the scenario as per the screenshot below.

I’m hoping that anyone who is having the same issue as I did will benefit from this solution.



Thanks for posting back your solution.

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