🚨 Important Changes to the Collections API

Hi everyone,

We have two important changes coming to the Collections API.

:one: We have implemented a highly requested feature ( :tada:):

Starting today, May 9, 2023, you can find specific records in a collection by using two filtering query parameters: filterKey and filterValue with the “Get all collection records” endpoint. Please review our updated collections API docs for more details here.

:two: We are making changes to ensure the health and stability of our platform:

Starting on May 17, 2023, we will start enforcing the maximum number of records that the “Get all collection records” endpoints return. The maximum number of records returned by the API will be 1,000 records. To get more records, you must use our pagination system with the offset and limit query parameters, as described in the Collections API docs.

Thank you!


Just in case - I did a video about using filters in Make: Adalo Collections API filtering and Make scenarios

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