Filter day of the week using Day of the Week text data from Adalo


I have used some methods to filter day of the week text but I would like to use the Day of the Week text data from Adalo.

The problem is that I need to show the Day of the Week text data info in a local language and as far as I can understand it, I am not able to show the right info equal what it is the default language of the phone.

I guess I need a solution like 1) check the language of the phone 2) equal the language use English days for the app?

I hope it makes sense.
Thank you.

Hi, Don’t worry about the phones language, just make it in english on Adalo, it’ll show the days according to the user’s phone language settings

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Thank you for your answer @Benalihoussam .
Yes, you are right. But my target is not global, so I need to have the interface only in the local language, equal what it is the language of the phone.


Anyway, I was missing from the forum a big period of time and only now I saw the discussions with prices and usage.
So now I have to start to plan to move from Adalo after more than 2 years of waiting for quality and monthly payments…


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