Filter in Simple list

Good afternoon. I can’t configure the filter in a simple list. I have a task manager. in some tasks I am the creator and in others a participant. But I can’t configure them so that I can see them in one list. “if” condition is missing in the filter

MobFilter2 MobFilter3

Has anyone understood my question? I ask for help. I can’t configure the filter. There are several tasks, in some I am the author, and in some I am a participant. Through a simple list, I can see the tasks where I am the author, or where I am a member. but I don’t see all these tasks. there are no “or” conditions in the filter. Please help with the solution of this problem.

try put another filter for showing all? not sure that would solve your problem or not though.

@Samat we don’t yet have the ability to add “OR” logic to filters, but you can achieve what you’re looking for by making another relationship property between users and tasks that’s many-to-many, that would hold both the task creator and the participant, and then you can filter based on that property

tried so. but do not resolve the issue ((

“many to many” does not work. First, this link needs to be created in the users collection so that it can be added to the task creation. Secondly, “user login” will not be selected. I did not understand how these connections work.

many-to-many relationships can’t current be set in the “Set Automatically” area of forms, but you can achieve this by adding an additional action to the submit button of the form, the action will be to Update the New Task.