Formula Assistance Please

I have two lists, one to show all categories of a widget, and one that is filtered to a specific category of a widget. I am also trying to search these two lists as well. Each list is only visible sometimes, with the corresponding formula (which works).

The issue is, when I set up the filterByFormula on the list filtered to a specific category, it does not filter properly. Search works, but the filter does not. I’m wondering if someone could take a look at my formula and tell me what I’m doing wrong:


EDIT to add reference: Filter (airtable populated) list by search term? - #20 by karimoo

Thank you.

Anybody have input on this?

I was stuck on a similar problem a while back, I had to introduce a second AND statement

Statement 2

Might be worth checking that out - sometimes filterByFormula is counter-intuitive

Darn - good thought there. I just tried that (in a few different configurations), and couldn’t get it to work.

I would suggest creating an account on Postman ( and connecting to your AirTable source from there.
You can run and check the results much quicker - and space the formulae out a little more intuitively.

That’s how I come to crack mine.

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