Filtering search with multichoice options

I am trying to make an app that has guides and traveller i want to make my filter able to select multiple choices, as interests, equipments, languages, etc. But I am not sure how to make my filter works for the travellers to match their search.
I had been waiting for a response for this matter but looks like everyone is busy, please someone help me with this.

Hi @Stef1 ,

You can take a look at relationship filtering for interest and see if it can fit your requirements.

It can be AND or OR result.

To get other filtering, it seems you need nested filtering which not many use cases experienced here.

Please feel free to comment there or PM me for more assistance.

Yes the problem here is, that I don’t know how to make the data of the filter be saved and then filter the list of guides, someone from you team was working on it, but he didn’t explain what he was doing and he just stopped answering me, from what I saw he create another collection for the filter selection and I think he was trying to make it match with the list of guides but it doesn’t work…

Is it possible for you to come in to the project and have a look at it?

Just to clarify, Community Leader is just like you, an Adalo user, not Adalo staff / employee.

The title is given because we like to use our own time to help in the forum, and sometimes we just need help the same like any other Adalo user here.

I will PM you then.


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