Fitbit/ Heart rate tracker integration

Hi there,

I wanted to know whether anyone has or could integrate fitbit or apple watches heart rate tracker into adalo. So that I could reward users when they’re heartrate is above a certain level. E.g. if the user has worked out with a heartrate above 80 for 30 minutes they can get x reward so on so forth.

If this interests anyone or anyone could help. pm me.


You should be able to get the heart rate data for a user from the fitbit API. I am not sure with Apple.
If you are building a production grade app, you need to be sure your data security is enough for handling health related data in your country.

Would it have to be an external collection rather than a custom action?

Probably a custom action, because I expect each fitbit API requires a user_id and/or key (which you would store in the Adalo User table). I can’t recall it being done but somebody may come forward.

You may be able to trick Adalo into having external collection/s of the logged in user’s fitbit data.

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Amazing thank you! Its better without external collections

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Let us know how you get on :+1:

Hi Eddie @Eddie11255,

I’ve had an experience integrating wearable devices & health apps (Garmin, Polar, Strava, etc.) to Adalo some time ago.
In brief - you can make an integration if the manufacturer stores health data in the cloud and grants API access to it (e.g. Garmin Connect and their developer program). Then you can get data from this API and store it in Adalo.

The devil is in the details though. Each API could be very different, data transfer could be implemented in various ways (push vs pull) and connection methods can differ as well (e.g. Garmin use OAuth1, Strava - OAuth2, etc.). As you can’t usually implement complex flows in Adalo, most probably you will have to use some 3rd party platforms. It could be either Make, n8n, or you might want to write full-code helper functions. An alternative could be creating a custom component(s) for Adalo.
But in general, successful integration is possible (not in 100% cases but still).

The case with Apple Watch / Apple Health Kit was different when I checked. At that time they required the SDK to be installed in the app itself, to get health data. So this wasn’t an option for Adalo.

Hope this helps.


Hi Victor,

That is really helpful thank you. I’m exploring it slowly but its very complicated. I think its a long term update.


Hi Eddie @Eddie11255,

It is complicated indeed. But it worked pretty well - I had few hundreds’ activities reports sent from various wearable devices to Adalo per day in that app (it was a running tracker).

Best regards, Victor.