Health app and apple watch

I would like to know if it is possible to connect the data of the health app from an iPhone to my app, such as the heart rate, to see the sleep pattern. Also, is it possible to create an app connected to the apple watch with Adalo?

This is not possible at the moment. But it might be when the Adalo Marketplace opens :slight_smile:

What is this marketplace and when it will open?

@Saranna Healthkit data is stored on the device exclusively from what I understand:
There’s no way to access Healthkit locally at the device level from within an Adalo-generated iOS app that I’m aware of.
In theory I suppose you could create a helper app that lives on the device, reads the data and then posts it to an external datasource that’s accessible to your Adalo app as an external collection but you might be violating Apple’s TOS by doing so…I’m not familiar with it. If that’s legal to do then it’s technically feasible for someone to make that helper app and as @alexid95 mentioned they could expose that as a service available in the forthcoming Adalo marketplace.

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Any updates on this topic? @grid7 @alexid95 @Saranna