Flush/purge CDN for my PWA app?

Hi, I’m trying to clear/purge the cache in my web app. I can do it in my PC to clear my personal cache, but it will log me out of evey other app, and this happens frequently enough that it’s not a permanent solution. And I can’t ask customers to do this every time.

The problem I’m seeing is that in my regular Edge browsing mode (latest version of Edge), the app shows some outdated info, but in incognito mode, it’s all up to date. Several of my customers have also started to complain, so if there’s a way I can flush this at the source, then that would be perfect. FYI I’m using a custom domain for my app.

I’ve tried the following so far without success:

  • hard refresh (CTRL + SHIFT + R)
  • empty cache and refresh in Edge Developer tools

I figured out that the problem was elsewhere (or maybe only slightly related). It was not registering some “always/sometimes visible” filters properly from the external database I use. I changed the filter from “does not contain empty” to something else, and now it works. I think this is a bug with the visibility filter

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