Web app refresh causes user log out

When refreshing the page of my web app, it logs the user out. Is that normal? Is there a way to fix this - it’s a bad user experience.

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Did you set your home screen? if its not it’ll be logout everytime you refresh the page.

Yes home screen has been set

Hi @dterrill,

Of course this is not a normal behaviour.

May be you could record a short video showing the app setup and the problem itself?

Best regards, Victor.

I’m suspecting that cached cookies in the browser (esp Chrome) messes up the login. I was getting the same experience. I also noticed that on my phone it worked ok but I recently had to reset my PC and now it works fine there too.

So try deleting your google login cookies.

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@speakupboy I think you are right. I tried it in incognito mode in Chrome and it works fine. I’ll delete cookies.


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