Force refresh of a web application to force users on newest version

hey guys, is there a way to force a refresh of the web application so that users get the newest version? For example, if I redirect users on the login screen (e.g. when they logout) I would love to trigger a refresh of the web application so that more users get the newest version of the web app. I am doing changes frequently and users do not refresh their browser tab manually, so they keep using the outdated application. Also if you have other ideas on how to solve this super happy to hear them! Thanks Timo

Hello, you can use the concept of sessions inside your web app. So then when each user’s session ends, he’ll be forced to reopen the app again.

I hope I have solved the issue.
Thank you!

This is a difficult one. You could use an external link action that goes to the app, but it will open it in a new tab. Maybe it could have info message like “Your session has expired please refresh the app in a new tab by clicking here”

Thanks @theadaloguy! This works. Just a related question: when the user sesion expires then I redirect the user to an “inactivity” screen where I show the message you suggested (and I have a button to open the application in a new tab).

Now, when the user reloads this “inactivity” screen, I thought the application should open the welcome screen again as the user is logged out. But the application just opens the “inactivity” screen again. In general, is there any way to force a logged out user to the welcome screen? I actually thought this is expected behaviour on an app with authentication. Thanks Timo

They are still logged in for sure, unless you create an action to log the user out first. Like any website you’d expect them to still be logged in on all tabs when you open multiple tabs of the same website.

Try an action to log the user out before the external link action.

Well, yes. I am logging them out using the “log out” action before I direct them to the “inacivity log out” screen. Still, if I refresh the "inactivity log out " screen, they don’t end up on the welcome screen. They just see the screen again despite them being not logged in anymore.

Ah that’s quite odd then, not really what we’d expect. I’ve not tried this use case myself, just giving ideas.

Hello, in order to redirect them to the welcome screen after logging out and refreshing the screen, you can add an action to that screen which will be a link action to the welcome screen with the following condition (If All Users => Do not contain => Logged in user).

Thanks a lot for your inputs @theadaloguy and @Ali-Bazzi. I now got it done based on your ideas: On inactivity the user is directed to the “inactivity screen”.

There two countdowns start. The first on finished after 1s checks if the user is still logged in, if not the user is redirected to the welcome screen. The second countdown finished after 2s logs the user out. So on first time visiting the screen the user is logged out after 2s (because after 1s the user was still logged in she stays on the same screen). If the screen is refreshed then the user is redirected to the login screen (as the user was logged out before).

Besides that I still have the button that opens the app in a new tab if the user prefers that.

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