Formula to change values of fields in the connected database

I have two databases one called Customer with fields name, phone number and total call time and a second named Calls which have a customer, date and length field

Every time I start a call with a customer I press the timer, when it is stopped I create a new Calls record. I save the value of the timer to the length field and the current customer to the customer field.

What I want to happen is when I added a call the corresponding customers Total call time gets increased by the timer value. How can I go about doing this?

Hi Gabriella,

Welcome to the community. I’m not quite an expert, so if anyone is reading with me and sees flaws in the logic, please add to the answer.

The customer collection with name, phone number and total call time, can be linked to the Calls collection via relationships. The relationship is one to many, one customer can have many calls…The calls collection should have start time and end time and a field to calculate the total duration of each call.

When you build the screen that creates new calls, linked to “customer”, you can create a timestamp of the start of the call, and a timestamp of the end of the call. Once you finish the call, say you click on the button finish, you create three actions:

  1. Update the ‘calls collection’, and save the date, the start time, the end time and the calculated call-time (end time of the call -/- start time of the call).
  2. Update the ‘customer collection’, and specifically the customer’s record by adding the calculated call-time to the total call time (just add +"calculated call time to the total)
  3. Link to the home screen or another screen.

Good luck!

Will give that a try thanks for the help

how did you go?

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