Relationships on database collection

Hey i am stuck on connecting data.

I got 2 collections. One is costumers and the other jobs.

Trying to connect those two. I am adding property and relationship on them and i created a form to create costumers and jobs. How i can set a screen that shows each costumer that will have the specific jobs when i create/update them?

Hi @Gianniskim ,

If you use form, there is invisible field option that you can use to fill logged in user.

If you use text input fields and button, use update action to fill logged in user.

on forms i put on visible field the specific field i want but it doesnt show up

You can try to recreate the relationship field.

If it still doesnt show up, please attach screenshots.

ok so let me explain my app first.

The user can create: -Client(details) - Appliances - spare parts - tasks

after someone can view all of those

view each one

and last update/delete

Now the issue:

i want when someone creates a job can also add the client on this job that will also be seen on each job and on each client.

and on the Appliances i want to connect also the spare parts that will also can be viewed.

So my issue are the connections and the view on them.