Forum and dropdowns

In one screen I have a form and some drop downs. the drop downs are part of the form meaning that when they press the form button… the drop downs are also accept… the problem I am having is that the form is grouped up together (name input, notes… input… and then the button) but the drop downs arent… so i have the drop downs at the top of the screen and then the form with the button on the bottom and it looks weird.

Is there a way to put the dropdown INSIDE the form group box so that they are BELOW the name inputs? or inbetween the form inputs and the button… the only choice i have is putting the drop downs seperate fromt he form above or below it… i need to put the dropdowns inside the form

Hi @alankerbel ,

Do you mean like this ?
Screen Recording 2021-06-02 at 11.47.11 PM

I just use standard form.

Yes How do you make that dropdown…

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