Free Onboarding UI for your Apps

Hello Adalo People

I have used almost all the no-code tools out there, and even though they promise some cool stuff, I still believe so much in Adalo because a no-code is never really a no-code if it isn’t easy enough for everyone to use. Adalo has a great future and I will release free UI Components every week for some of us who find it less easy to design, let’s take advantage of this great piece of software.
Today I am releasing an Onboarding UI flow, Use this anywhere.
If you’re on Free Plan Your fonts will change to Some default ones, don’t panic, Change Both header and body font to System Font and you’re good to go.

Grab it here>>


Awesome ! Looks super clean ! Good work !

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You have a good eye for interface design

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This looks so clean and beautiful, @olushola! Thank you for adding value to the Adalo Community :slight_smile:

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Hello, I love the design, only now as we have limited actions, imagine that a user enters and follows the 4 pages… before creating his account I already created 6 actions (link on 4 pages + create user + link to home) …and it hasn’t even started yet

Woah! Exactly what I needed to become supreme in app monolith world. Bombay!