Grab my free Authentication system Design

Hello, my co-Adalo builders,

I made a simple dark theme functional Sign up system with a minimal Dark UI for the community, please feel free to use, clone, own, and reuse if you need it. I will be dropping systems from time to time too
I made this design with everything available on a free trial account so there’s no limit.

NOT IMPORTANT, but feel free to tag me if you ever use this, maybe I can be more inspired.
Cheers to better Adalo Authentications.


Cool Olushola (@olushola) ! :heart_eyes:

Need more! :raised_hands: How about a On-boarding Flow for next? :eyes:

Great work and thanks for the Share!

Olusola Omo iya mi. Omo ologo. Tuale baba. Orie wa mbe :grin:

sure, coming in two days

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lol, egbon ki lon shele

Egbon…kindly send me your whatsapp number…thanks man

Here you go

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What action should the SignIn button do? “Log the User In” option from forms is not available?