GDPR - Work with users' data and necessary documents

Hi guys, I’d like to ask a few questions regarding the new compliance with GDPR.
How do you sort out this: “Users’ request to share, delete, export, change data”? Obviously, you can make a button to delete the user but with regard to the rest, can the user do it by himself? Or is the only way for you to do it manually from the database?

Secondly, can anyone recommend a service to generate Privacy policy and Terms and conditions? If you have anything good, otherwise I know I can search it by myself :smiley: Thanks! :slight_smile:

In regards to export, what you could do is create a button > on click > send an email (external service required) and include the user data in the email. I assume you know about the delete function. Button > onclick > delete user. In regards to change data: Simply use an account page where user can update their details. In regard to share data, I’m not sure what it would involve, but I guess once they have the data by email, they can share it to anyone. This is just my ideas. It is not a legal advice :smile:

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Thanks for advice :slight_smile: I was hoping it is doable somehow via Adalo to export data :smiley: and sharing data, not sure either :smiley:

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