General No-code help

I am new to Adalo & app building & need general help with the app I am currently developing…

Looking for a developer in Europe (Due to the time zone available for communication)

I want to pay hourly & send tasks to be completed.

Send me a message if your interested :slight_smile:

Hey @MichaelAJorgensen

I just wanted to let you know that we launched our marketplace and we have already +50 freelancers registered. You can make an account for free here and match with the right freelancer for you.

rolade representative image

I reside in Turkey you migh consider it as Europe.
I’m also a beginner in Adalo, but have already constructed one application, so I can offer you services.
I charge 12 USD per hour, you can send me tasks and pay as soon as they are completed on this base.
If you are interested let’s discuss the ways to communicate.

Hello, I’ve sent you a message.