Looking for a Sales Guy

Hello everyone

I am a passionate Adalo-Developer and I would love to build more apps for clients. However, I find it struggleling to find new paying clients. Therefore, I am looking for someone who would act as a Sales-Person.
Of cource, this person would be compensated for it’s effort by receiving 10% of the amount paid by the customer for the app.

Hit me up if you are interested.

Best regards


I’m also a developer on Adalo, but just a beginner.
Nevertherless my sales experience is much higher, than the one I have in development, because before web-development courses I used to work in IT sales for 4 years.
My advabtage is that I am a skilled seller and on the ihter hand I understand how Adalo works and all the opportunities it can provde a potential client with.
I can offer you a cooperation in the case you can provide me with a nice resume and with a colourfull portfolio of projects you created before.
Above that, 10% is too few, I’d like at least 25 % of each payment you get from a client, cause sailes require time and plenty of efforts.
If my terms fit your demands reply please we can discuss everything else.

Best regards,


Hi Dimitry
I am open for negotiations.
Okay for you if we move our conversation to e-mai?

My address is: adriano.new94@gmail.com

Hi Adriano,
We can surely move it to email.
I’ll write you message just now.