Generate a random string of numbers/letters

I’m trying to automatically generate a unique string random letters and numbers for an invite code that will be specific to each individual user. They will share this invite code with a friend which will link them to their contact. I’m stuck at generating a random string through. I’m trying to set this field automatically when a user signs up and I’m trying to use the “Custom formula” but it only gives me options to use other field’s values. Any advice out there?


Hi @jlillibridge, this isn’t as far as I know possible at the moment, but there are a couple of perhaps related feature requests on the ideas forum:

Be sure to vote for any which you feel will help your use case!


I also need this feature. What is the status?

Since the Component Marketplace has launched there is a Randomizer component which should be able to address your needs.

Hi everyone,
i tried to use the randomizer component but somehow every time I try to implement it the screen where it has been added goes completely white and nothing happens. Has anyone experience with the randomizer component? Thanks in advance!

Can you provide screenshots of your randomizer component.

Have you added an action for the randomizer by clicking on the component?

Yes, sure. I have added an action which creates a new user with a random username (6 digit code).


Here you can see where I have placed it.


Unfortunately I’m not seeing this screen since I’ve added the randomizer and also tried other things but didn’t work either. The screen is just completely white.