Is it possible to automate the creation of a QR code?

I want to put a QR code on each user’s profile screen, encoding the user’s member ID number. The ID number is generated automatically by a custom formula when the profile is created.

Is it possible, using one of the Adalo QR code generators, to automatically generate that QR code?

The QR code will be a very important part of my app’s functionality, and I don’t want the user to have to wait until I can manually add it to his profile screen.

I hope someone can advise me on this.

Thanks as always!

Hello @MikesClub ! Yes, this is possible. We did it for one of our apps, check the steps below to see how we did it:

  1. When user create account, set up a random generated profile ID
    We did it with “Randomizer” component from Adalo marketplace like in the image below

  2. Show the QR code to the logged in user
    For that, you need to use “QR Code generator” component from Adalo marketplace, and we set it up like in the image below

Let us know if you need more help!

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