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What are the adalo actions or functions that consumes a lot of Geocoding API? I just want to optimize its usage.

Thank you.

Hey @arkimark,

Just in case you haven’t seen this: Estimating Google API Usage - Adalo Resources


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I noticed in my google cloud account, geocoding api consumes more than other APIs.


@arkimark there is a summary of number of actions consumed for each Adalo action in the documentation on the link above. This is an answer to your question.
You can also read more about Geocoding API here: PrĂ©sentation de l'API Geocoding  |  Geocoding API  |  Google for Developers. This page explains what this API does.
Without knowing your app, it is impossible to answer why there are many Geocoding API requests. Number of requests depends on what your app does and which components are used.

You can try to track down the requests’ usage by testing your app step-by-step and refreshing the Google Cloud Console to see how the requests’ number changes. Usually Google updates this number pretty rapidly (within seconds). Of course you need to be sure that it’s only you who is using the app at this moment.


Thanks @Victor . The more users onboard, the more app actions it consumes. Without steady monetization yet, I hope I can sustain the fees in the coming months.

Getting current device’s location as screen action consumes a lot of Geolocation API. :frowning:

@arkimark keep in mind that on-screen-enter actions are repeated every time the screen is refreshed, e.g. after pressing a button with an action on it.

Is there any workaround to match a moving user to another user who are within X kms away?

I don’t think so. Adalo isn’t good for real-time location tracking - because of the actions on Adalo and Google side. This has been discussed on the forum as far as I remember.

Maybe someone can come with the suggestion.

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