Maps over requesting the Google API

Hi there,
I’m facing un important problem on my Apps. I’m trying to use the Google Maps API to locate in my apps some addresses. Everything seems to work fine except the number of request received by the Google API. I launch my app 12 times and I spend 33,10$. When I look on the google interface I see that:

“Maps JavaScript API” has 12 requests, which is normal but
“Geocoding API” has 7587 requests.

Does anybody has a suggestion for me. I cannot developed an App with this rate cost.



Also interested in this issue.
How it turned out?

I’m also experienced this. How to fix this? If it costs this much, it would be so much impractical to use maps.

I ran into the same issues and stoped using the maps API.

You just completely dont use maps anymore or do you find another solution to use google maps in adalo?

I only use on a request button. So if a user wants map they press map location btn. i no longer have it on a page load as a header image as it would refresh every time the app was looking for new data. if you select auto refresh data off it might help but it was better for me to do it this way for now. I hope this is a problem Adalo is working on.

Thank’s for the hint. I’ll try it too.

Im really surprised this has not been adressed, making this many calls is a majore issue.

You should be able to avoid using the Geocoding API by specifying the coordinates instead of the address. However, the number of Maps JavaScript API requests increases. It’s also a problem with my service.
No workaround has been found yet.

Salut @Francois

If you are looking for a Free & Pro Map solution to replace GMap, there is an open one that may suit your needs or your clients needs.
Plus you can help improove the Maps yourself whenever - in fact - it covers many areas where GM does not send its Car/bike or whatever… :horse:
Its a feature I ve requested since its the only one available in some areas (Yes G
does not map the whole globe…)

support Adalo OSM request here - if you like free stuff :yum:

more info on OSM :nerd_face:

(i ve myself contributed to Maps creation in some south America areas uncovered by GM)

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Hi bibipac,

How do you configure the OpenStreetMap? I have problem with showing the map and I am looking for another solution

Hi Ben,
good question, I never used it within Adalo - only out of Adalo, design new streets, giving them names, adding buildings, etc…so if you need help on that part I can give you tips,
other than this : I’m not API familiar at all…so I cant help you on that one but its probably doable as a replacement to Gmap.
This is why I ve made a feature/component request for Adalo Team to add OSM as a source for us to use it (as Gmap is integrated)

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Found this:


Just an update from our side here about this original issue, that it is now fixed and instead of making certain api calls each time, some of the values are cached now to save on how many calls are made.

By “some of the values” do you mean… ?

  • all X latest queries values…or
  • all most popular queries ?

I imagine (but would have to double check with dev team) that is probably only the “X latest” that are cached.

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Here’s a good alternative to Google Map/API:

I’m not their customer yet but I think they’re a good alternative from what I’ve researched so far.

I’m currently kicking the tires at Adalo, so I haven’t tried implementing this yet. If anyone has success integrating alternatives to Google MAP I’d love to hear about it.

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Any updates regarding this? I am still surprised that companies nowadays (after Google f… us with the change in rate request) still go for GMaps. With Mapbox, OpenStreetMaps, Here, so many good solutions out there :).